From Agreements of Sale to Voluntary Separation Agreements,
we can handle your every need, if you need a written legal agreement, don't hesitate to call us.

Agreement of Sale: When purchasing real estate, it is always the best idea to have your contract in writing, setting forth the terms of the agreement, from the purchase price, to how expenses of the transfer will be paid, any inspections that might be agreed to, and more.

Lease: If you are going to rent property, either as the Landlord or the Tenant, always have a lease that sets out the terms of the lease from the security deposit, the rental amount, responsibilities of each party as to maintenance issues and expenses.

General Power of Attorney: The purpose of a General Power of Attorney is to authorize another person to conduct business matters on your behalf in the event that you are unable to handle the business yourself, such as paying bills, writing checks, making deposits, signing contracts, etc. From situations where you may be ill and not able to conduct matters for yourself temporarily or permanently, or even if you just need some business taken care of and your schedule doesn't afford you the time, you can appoint someone with a General Power of Attorney to handle those matters on your behalf.

Specific Power of Attorney: A Specific Power of Attorney allows you to authorize an individual to conduct a specific business act on your behalf, but nothing else. Most commonly used for real estate transactions (purchases/sales/loans) where one party is unable to be present.

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care: This document allows you to appoint a person and an alternate to make medical decisions in the event that you are unable to make them yourself. A very good thing to have. You never know when tragedy may strike. Be prepared in advance no matter your age.

Living Will: With so many right to live or die cases in the news today, this document can help your loved ones avoid controversy in the event tragedy strikes you. This document will be your voice to state what your desires are concerning prolonging life with artificial means. We have 2 forms available, one quite simple and one more complex with scenario choices to allow you to direct how your life is handled, and lifting the burden of making a difficult decision from the shoulders of your loved ones.

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